Lawn Fawn Inspiration Week: Flippin' Awesome Die

Welcome back friends! Lawn Fawn creates the most amazing and innovative interactive dies. (I think we all know my love for the Magic Picture Changer Die Set. I have two more designs using it for my first Saturday of the month blog spot in September. 🤫) For the Fall/Winter 2019 Release, Lawn Fawn has designed the Flippin' Awesome Die Set and let's face's Flippin' Awesome! 

For my card, I wanted to create a birthday themed card using the Flippin' Awesome element. In order to leave room for a scene at the top, I turned the Flippin' Awesome panel sideways and adhered it towards the bottom of my card. The pull tab overhangs the side of the card which allows the recipient to easily pull it to make the panels move. Due to this, you would need to use a bigger envelope to mail this card, but most of my cards are too thick for a standard envelope anyway. I love dimension! (I found mailers on Amazon that fit all of my cards and are thick enough to protect them on their way to their new homes. Click here if you would like to see them. I do not receive anything for including this info. I just really like these mailers. 😉)

As you pull the tab, the panels flip. I wanted to create the illusion of a stop motion scene. The yeti starts out on his snowboard, tooling along...

...he goes in for an impressive jump...

...and he sticks the landing! Can you imagine the look on your recipient's face when they get your card using this die?! Their socks will be knocked off for sure!

The last panel is where I put the sentiment for this fun birthday card. And yes, "the best is yeti to come" because we can't wait to see what you create with these new products!

Again, thank you for visiting my blog today! It means so much to me! Lawn Fawn is giving away some amazing prizes this Inspiration Week on their blog, so bebop on over to their blog and leave a comment to be entered for a chance to win. Please come back tomorrow for more!


  1. Super Fun and Adorable!!! Your card made me smile!!! Thanks!!

  2. Sooo cute! Thanks for the link for the mailers. I added them to my crafty amazon list if I ever need them!


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